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Fight the Good Fight of Faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when
you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses
    1 Timothy 6:12 NIV 

Soldier of the Cross Winners
November 97 - January 98

Libby's Page
This site is listed as a "One Stop Christian Homepage" and Libby's not kidding! A must see to enjoy site. Many links and resources on every subject.
Welcome to Christnet
Original Christian Graphics (Heavenly Creations), backgrounds and borders for web page design, Links, prayer requests, and Words of hope, new and off to a great start.
The Jesus Army pages
Ministry from the United Kingdom, evangelism galore, many pages of interest, e-zine links too much to list here, so take a visit.
John Emery's Homepage
A wholesome site for the family, of course, new site to the web with the plan of Salvation. Parsons links too. (Bible Software)
The Wordsower's Abode
Check it out! Lots of good poetry and testimony, another new site, proclaiming a sweet love for Jesus in a personal way.
Living for Jesus Christ
A Christian Homepage with loads on it, powerful testimony of God's love; personal prophesy, links and many writings.
Showers of Blessing
Just what it is too. A nice site with lots to see. A great deal in the musical sections, links, and many other places, a site well designed.
Knights of God Ministries
Prayer Warrior, Knight chat, links, the Word and the witness. a solid place to visit on the web.
Lamplight Ministries
Testimonies, Libraries, including one for children, games info and more on the web getting started with a vision.
A Bible study section is offered, testimonies, and prayer. Pay them a visit.
In His Service
Jeff's Homepage has a lot to offer. There is an extensive Bible study section, prayer, links, personal writing, a funny humor page and more to see than I can say.....
Christian Geology Ministry
Geology? Of course! This very unique site applies scientific analysis to the Word and vice-versa. Very interesting and thought provoking ideas about Creation and the Flood.
There are many questions asked about being saved on this site, but even better, there are many answers as well from God's own Word. A good site to see, would make a good link to send the lost to.
Greg's Page - Down Under
Christianity Australian style. powerful testimony, no matter where you're from, the Word, links, good heart.
Grabau Ministries
Beautiful site graphically, check out the Creation/Evolution section. many other things to see too; a great witness for Jesus on the web.
The Dating Dilemma
About time this subject was addressed on the internet. Good and insightful with options and discussions. Good family discussion site. resources available.
Bethel Music Ministries
Gospel Music online! Lots of links and music resources as well as info on this Gospel group.
Amazing Grace
Loads of Christian links, Stories, Bible resources, and all decked out for Christmas too!
Christian Corner
Great site with a clear presentation of the gospel, weekly bible > quizzes, deep bible studies, seasonal topics (e.g. Christmas), a midi > hymnal collection, and much more.
Annie's Home Page
Don't let the simple name fool you, this is a mega site, with lots to see, I cannot even list it all, so just go ahead and pay Annie a visit, you will not be disappointed.
The House of Whatley
A ministry page with a lot of stories to bring home the point, a place of blessings.
The Seeker's Mailbox Club
A mailbox correspondence course, with the main thrust of evangelism. Free.
Love Of Jesus Christ
A lot of straight forward information on Christianity, other interests, Christian Midis, Share your story, and prayer. From Singapore.
A graphically beautiful site with sections on Insight, Devotions, Stories, Links, Poems, Resources, Banners and more. And this is just getting started. Guaranteed to grow.
Behind the Badge
An excellent Site from the viewpoint of a former deputy Sheriff. Good resources for lawmen who love Jesus, and for others who need to know how much prayer they need.
The Electronic Hymnal
Lot's of music and music resources online. Sound player provided and more. Music, music, music. Hallelujah!
Oscar's HomePage
This is seemingly just a beginners homepage, but I love the flavors of worshipping Jesus from around the world. A pure Christian site from Sweden.

Chrissie's Home Page
Your age matters not, when it comes to witnessing for Jesus, a great place for teens and anyone else for that matter, come on in.
His eye is on the Sparrow
Recipes, encouragement, stories, games, postcards, music, poems, getting the idea? Plenty to see here.
WOdoms Web Page
A new site, but starting off very well. come on by and sign the guestbook. College folks welcomed too.
The Truth about Heaven's Gate
A cult seen in the light of the truth. What a difference, the truth really will set you free!
Rosemarie's Kid's Castle
A very well done Children's site by 10 yr. old Rosemarie. Christian resources, jokes, family links and more. Refreshing.
Bill Headley's Homepage
A Musical site with links for the same and original music offered.
The Light Page
A fairly new site but getting built up quickly and fully, Bumper Sticker of the week, Scripture of the week, Also an award offered. Christian Music links & more.
He Chose Me
A wonderful Christian Family Homepage with all the trimmings.
Soldiers of the Cross
Not the same as this award, but this is for ministry to Vietnam Veterans who are incarcerated today. (Prison Ministry) There are needs and testimonies too, Jesus IS able to change lives!
From Mormonism to Muslim & Beyond
This site has good testimonies of what it was like to search for God in all the wrong places, but there IS real truth and His name is Jesus! Norman has a heart for God as shown in this site.
Christian in Action
This site is certainly what its title says. Evangelistic in nature a good example of more Jesus on the net!
Jesus Christ: The way, the Truth & the Life
An excellent and graphically beautiful site, rich in the word and evangelical zeal for the Lord; come on in.
The Traveler's Inn
Come on in, is the invitation to testimony, good poetry and encouragement, even a "listening ear" is offered, a great gift in these busy days.

 The Cyber Evangelist Homepage
Quite a bit of interesting things here, a good site to start off the New Year. Good Testimony, the Roman Road, links and more.
Sarah's World
Our First Homepage winner for 1998, Sarah has a really great homepage, with interests for youth, music links in the Virtual Boom Box, a web club and more.
Abundant Life Ministries Worldwide
A heart for evangelism and the hurting on the web in this site. Opportunities for Christian counseling.
Lee Bridges Homepages
Straightforward and refreshing faith in Jesus. what more could you ask? Youth oriented & good.
The Pastor's Study
A Bible Study ( question and answer) site. and more. Very interesting and balanced in the Word.
Celtic Christianity
Historical Christianity in Ireland. Prayers of the saints who ministered there and interesting things to help our faith today.
The Flock
Graphical treat with a bit to offer. Unity in the body of Christ a premium.
T & E Worldwide Ministries
A Prayer Ministry on the Internet. Has more to it than that, but prayer in the main thrust.
School Days
A great deal of stuff here for kids of all ages. School stuff too! more than I can say here, take a look.
New Age Angels - Tools of Satan
Don't let the title or the url fool you, this is a needed message, especially in the Church.
The Available Light
This site is "politically incorrect" which should be a seal of approval right there. Lots of information. Good insight, Word based.
Garden of Weeden
A neat and unique site with some great ideas on it. Well done evangelism, (check out the colors pages) and more too.
A Shelter in Time of Storm
Good website full of new poetry by a young man who loves the Lord. Many new changes on a well done site.
The Good News Page
A Christian family website from Missionaries to Puerto Rico, pay them a visit.
Reaching Out
A ministry as the name suggests, with a heart for those bypassed by the mainstream, (wasn't that what Jesus did?)
Yeshua Messiah
Good page to honor the Lord with a bit to see, so come see it.
The Tubb's Family Homepage
Musical family's place of internet encouragement.
The Oasis
A place of rest and peace in Jesus on the web.
Power Source
A Youth Ministry online; with a youth newsletter (free) and links to boot.
Steckel's Christian Homepage
A New homepage on the web; give it a little help and pay him a visit...
Jonatan's Homepage
This is a pretty large site with a great deal of info and texts about various subjects. Good defender of the gospel site.
Smile- God loves you!
A site full of encouragement, from different areas, the main one, however, is the Word of God. Unique and interesting.
Green Pastures
Another site of encouragement, about what God can do in the midst of illness and depression. A sweet testimony of the delivering power of God's love.
Louis van Rensburg's Homepage
This African brother has an "on fire" site for Jesus. Very easy to walk through, with a strong emphasis on salvation, heart-warming testimony, and a good sense of humor.

We have separated the past listings for your browsing convenience. Please visit these wonderful sites. 

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