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Fight the Good Fight of Faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when
you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses
    1 Timothy 6:12 NIV 

Past Soldier of the Cross Winners
May - August 98

AUGUST 1998:
777 IMAGES-Free Christian Graphics
If you're looking for Christian graphics, help in creating a Christian Home Page, or Christian WebArt, you'll find it all here. All created for HIS glory.
Christian Bikers
This Ministry was formed for the purpose of spreading the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all the seemingly unreachable. With this as their goal they are always looking to find those who are lost, in all walks of life.
Prophecy Update & Bible Study
Wow. this is a must see site. Anything that you ever wanted to know about End Time Prophesy, you'll find it here. With daily updates on world news and current events.
eMinistry-Daily Scripture Reading
Here is a non-denominational Christian ministry designed to effectively utilize today's technology to deliver and facilitate the study of God's Word. They are spreading the Gospel through their FREE daily scripture reading via Email.
Sami Petteri Suovaara's HomePage
It may be cold in Finland, but there is a warm hearth to learn of Jesus at, in the home of Suovaara. A young couple who welcomes all to their home with the love of the Lord.
Gunter's Personal HomePage
A very pleasant little corner on the Web, with a strong Salvation Message. Beautiful pictures of Canada as well.
Ursie11's Home Page
An oasis of tranquility on a rough and ragged Internet. I think that you will find peace in the Lord here. With eye pleasing graphics.
My Father's House
Wow. What can I say about this Sister's site. Poems, heart moving Testimony, amazing trip to the Holy Land, soul stirring stories, and so much more. Truly Anointed.
The Divan Family WebPage
Here is a beautiful Family web page. They love Jesus with all their heart as you will see when you go visiting them.
Weary Mothers Ministry
A Ministry dedicated to women everywhere that need a physical and spiritual recharge, and a sanctuary for the hurting.
The Place of Compassion
Here is a new little spot on the web. It may be small right now, but it's got potential. And the dear sister that created it sure loves the Lord. Isn't that all that really counts.
The Lord's Manger Online
Quite an interesting little site we have here. This Brother has daily Scripture reading for us, to lift and strengthen our walks with Christ.
TouchedByHim's Home Page
Radical and caring, all on the same site. The Lord shines from every page by this dear Brother. With a true heart for the wayward souls, drawing them back with love.
IN THE WORD Bible Study Page
A very well outlined Bible study, consisting of many different topics, with Salvation of the lost as the main thrust. A Calvary Chapel affiliate.
The Faith In Me
A safe, fun, and informative place on the web, with areas of interests for all members of the family. From a Kids Corner, to an excellent Bible Study.
Evangelical Outreach
These folks are boldly proclaiming and defending the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Truly fighting the good fight of faith. Topics include cult info, apologetics, Eternal verses Conditional Security, and much more.
Precious Testimonies
truly inspiring Ministry. Here, you will find testimonies from all walks of life, and from so many different points of a spiritual walk. But all giving glory to Jesus, the Savior of our souls.
PhAt pHiSh!
Here's a quite outrageous and unique site geared toward the youth of today. With an extremely unique way of telling the Gospel story in graphics and Scripture.

JULY 1998:
Larry and Heather's Home Page
Here is an interesting little web site. If you're looking to start a relationship with Jesus, then check out their Christian pages.
Diamonds From Heaven
Are you hurting, depressed, in need of a little Spiritual recharge? You will find it in the pages of this site. You will find stories and art work here to warm and lift your spirits high.
The Official Berea Foundation HomePage
This site is dedicated to all those who seek to better understand the rational foundation of Christian faith. "Biblical Apologetics - presenting a logical basis for faith."
Airborne Connections
Their goal is to reach airline employees worldwide by letting Christ’s light and love shine through their lives, and to establish groups of growing Christians in every airline station around the world.
Magic & More!
The purpose of this ministry is to use the art of illusion to: present the Gospel message in order to bring people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ; encourage the Body of Christian believers; entertain and make people laugh.
Radical For Jesus
I'm not quite sure, but I think the name tells a story all its own. Here is a young man quite on fire for the Lord Jesus. a small site, but it's Radical!!
The Helms Family HomePage
A sweet little spot on the web from Western New York State. A family in love with Jesus, and bold enough to tell you why.
Castle Petra
Here is an amazing Realm where Jesus is the Great High King. Please visit Sir Timothy, a Knight of the Old Code, and search the Castle Grounds for the Treasure that lies within. A jewel of a site.
Peninsula's Christian cultural Arts Center
They are a multi-media arts community, designed to bring together artists and art enthusiasts to combine their talents and gifts to give praise and glory to God through drama; music; fine arts; crafts; and dance.
Gallery for Christ
The Gallery has been a means for this Sister to testify to the magnificent work that God has done in her life...from healing of past hurts, fears and broken relationships, to the Salvation of her soul.
Gunter's Faith Page
A Christian homepage site, but along with his testimony it has interesting info about Canada, like a travelogue.

JUNE 1998:
Christian Concepts For Living
The purpose of Christian Concepts for Living is to speak and teach God's word in order to change lives so that people can be what God wants them to be - a visible expression of Christ. Gal 2:20
Born Again Bikers Homepage
A group of Christian Bikers dedicated to spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world while riding the highways and byways.
amie and Cynthia's Homepage
A collaboration of two Sisters in the Lord, spreading God's word on the internet; Jesus loves, and Jesus saves.
Eagle's Wings
Proclaiming the Gospel through short stories, and the Holy Scriptures. If you're looking for Salvation, you will find it here.
Redeemed's Homepage
Here's a spot on the internet that you may find shelter from the cold, and find a warm heart of love, and Salvation.
Erika's World
Here is a lovely site with an amazing Testimony; From death to Life, and of how much we can realy trust in God's unfailing love for us.
This site is for those seeking to know about God, His Son, His Holy Spirit and His Truth, and for His disciples desiring a closer walk with our Lord and Savior.
Christy's Jesus Saves Homepage
This is a personal Christian web site created to teach people a little about Christ and hopefully bring them closer to God. Also a very interesting Testimony.
Scott Sellars Homepage
Here is a dear Brother with a strong Testimony to tell, of how God saved him from drugs and depression, and then showed him the Light of His Salvation.
ere is a Brother with a Testimony that will make even the strongest of us Christians take stock in ourselves. What really are our motives for what we do. Are they for God's glory, or for our own?
Ana Epigmenio, A Jesus Freak
A young Sister with an intriguing Salvation message. She is young in the Lord, but wise in the Spirit.
GrandMoo's Message in a Moment
Here is a daughter's love. She has honored her mother's God given gift for writing by publishing her works for all to see. Messages from words that God has puts down into her heart.
The Lord's News Homepage
Here is an amazing story of a young mans struggle to break the chains of sin in his life, while in the midst of a gang that wanted him bound. Jesus truly is good!
The land of Musical Praise
A personal website dedicated to praising the name of God through music, and encouraging those who would do the same as either musicians, those who enjoy music, or associated technical support.
Desert Disciples Chapter of CMA
CMA is a non-profit, interdenominational Christian organization, dedicated to reaching people for Christ in the highways and byways through motorcycling.
Kings Kids Motorcycle Ministry
They are a Holy-Spirited, Bible-thumpin', Devil-stompin' Motorcycle Ministry. Their purpose is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior where ever the Lord sends them.
Jeff Davis Ministries
God has blessed this Brother with sound and lighting equipment that he has dedicated for God's use in spreading the Gospel while working at various Christian camps and events all over.
A Love I Could Not Deny (Diane Dew's Testimony)
A sweet Sister that has truly been touched by the Lord. On this site you will find Apologetics, Salvation Message, Healing Backsliders, and so much more. Also a completely amazing Testimony to read.
Detroit Teen Challenge
They are a one year Christian growth program providing residential care for men and women with alcohol, drug, and other life-controlling problems.
The Biblelands Project: Virtual Tour of the Holy Land
Take a Virtual Tour of the Holy Land. Meet the people and places, past, and present, that we read about in the Bible. Let the Scriptures come alive to you as you view the wonders that God has created in that blessed Land, Israel.

MAY 1998:
Bible Study Letters
A small online tract ministry with beautiful photography setting the stage for the readers enjoyment.
Online Worship Service
A online Prayer Ministry that is sure to get your prayer time on the right track. Highly anointed in my opinion.
Reaching the Generations for Jesus
The purpose of these pages is to analyze the generations from a Christian point-of-view, and discover how best the Gospel of Jesus Christ may be communicated within the generational culture.
Bible Visuals International
This is an interdenominational publishing ministry fulfilling Christ's command to take the Truth of the Word of God to the World.
Help for the Hurting Christian
A walk through the Bible with a view of healing, restoration, and other topics. But always centering on the Lord's love and his Power.
Will Crichton's HomePage
A small personal site with a very big message, Jesus Saves. The background graphics are simply awesome, and tell a story all their own.
The Soda Fountain
A virtual hangout for Christian teens on the World Wide Web. Their Vision is to create a place on the internet for young Christians to fellowship and have fun at. 
The Extreme In Body Piercing !

What did Jesus endure, and what shame did He suffer on the Cross? This is an in-depth medical explanation of how our Lord was pierced, and suffered for you and me.
The On-Line Christian Newsletter
Their goal is to offer the "meat" of the Word to matured Saints, and the "Milk" of the Word to newer converts through devotionals, Bible Studies, Testimonies, and Praise Reports.
Master Builder
A SimCity lover introduces fellow players, through his witness, to Jesus Christ. HE is the only REAL and True Foundation for our lives!
P.S.A.L.M. Please Sing A Lively Melody
They are spreading the Gospel in a beautiful way. Through songs, Poems, and Prose. All will lift your spirits, and all of them lift the Name of Jesus high.
Shaun & Jackie Aisbitt's Home Page
A couple, in the Ministry of evangelizing victims of cults. (Watchtower, Mormons, Scientology etc.) An excellent resource site.
Crown of Glory
A simply lovely little corner of the web. You can see the love of Jesus on every page.
Seed of Abraham, Christian Motorcycle Club
An Interdenominational club of Evangelical Born-Again Christians who have a three fold purpose; fellowship, edification and sharing the Gospel with the biker community.
Exalting Jesus Homepage
The purpose of this Site is to exalt Jesus in such a way that anyone who visits these Pages might feel the deep desire of knowing Him, or make his or her relationship with Him a closer one.
The Love Of Jesus Homepage
These pages are all about Survivors of abuse and how Jesus can and will heal us on our road of recovery from the effects of that abuse.
Creationism & The Early Church Home Page
This site is dedicated to furthering the study of the Early Church's understanding of Genesis 1-11, especially as it relates to contemporary debate regarding origins.
Understanding The Truths Of God's Word
This site is designed to help you gain a more thorough understanding of the truths of God's Word, whereby you may grow in love, purity and faith toward the Lord Jesus Christ.

We have separated the past listings for your browsing convenience. Please visit these wonderful sites. 

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