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Fight the Good Fight of Faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when
you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses
    1 Timothy 6:12 NIV 

Soldier of the Cross Winners
February - April 98

Gim's Newsletter Homepage
A Free newsletter service for the Body of Christ. Lots of info, and a neat way for Saints to get their news and announcements out to each other. Comes out every Friday.
Cherryl's Homepage
Cheryl has a straightforward testimony and good "who is Jesus" section.
Writing from a Christian Heart
Laura shares her heart and the love of Jesus with her original poems and stories. Interesting and creative.
Mercy in Jesus
Testimony, good graphics presentation, poetry, good links, good info. Also an award is offered here too. This is an uplifting site.
Amazing Grace Online
Praise the Lord good homepage site which opens right up with the good news! Also has poetry, links and more.
How to be with Jesus
Another great little homepage which lifts up the name of Jesus, nice graphics, loves the Lord. Sign the guestbook!
Merry Hearts Page
This is a place to just sit back in your easy chair, kick off your shoes, and enjoy the Love of the Lord.
Lynn Pinkham's Homepage
Are you trapped in the homosexual life style. Read this dear sister's testimony to find out how God can heal you, and make you whole, so you too can find true love, God's Love.
Superkidz for Christ
Equipping this next generation for the Kingdom of Christ. A solidly Biblical > based Ministry, with a heart for our kids, and the resources to teach others > how to do the same.
Tom's Homepage
Loads of poetic thought, a friendly family, links and a love for Jesus.
We are Survivors
A site that ministers to those who are survivors of rape, abuse, the world, and by the testimonies offered here, not only survivors, but VICTORS in Christ!
Gateway to Truth and Hope
A Church with a love for the lost. Excellent online helps for finding your way back to god, and to help you grow strong in the Lord.
Greater Emmanuel Canada
Dedicated to providing Christians with articles and information of interest, also interesting links to other sites.
Janet's Place
One of the cutest sites I ever seen. This young Sister shows her love for Jesus in every page. A real blessing to see.
Brian's Anointed Home Page
Here is a man who has an awesome Testimony, also this site shows Glory to our Savior. Great for the kids as well on the FUN PAGE.
Firepower Youth Church
With an arsenal of Praise and Worship, they are storming the gates of hell, and saving our Youth for Jesus. Completely Youth oriented.
Terry's Easter Celebration Site
From the beginning of His earthly Ministry, to the Crucifixion, to His glorious Resurrection, this site takes you back to the true meaning of the Easter Story. Also a great site for the little ones to view.
Mabalot's Homepage
A long timer on the internet circuit, this site holds a wonderful testimony of how there is deliverance, from the bondage of online adult sites and such, in the beautiful saving Grace of Jesus. Offers a Christian alternative in MIRC form.
If you're looking for PEACE in your soul, and ANSWERS to life's questions, visit this dear brothers site. He will help you in love!
Andrea's Homepage
A Wonderful Christian website with good links to various areas, poetry, verses and more links.
Slayer's Lair
As in "Devil slayer" .A bit offered here to glorify the Lord- Praise page, the devil's workshop, and more. A good place of encouragement.

His Guiding Hand
Bible Studies, Prayers, tapes, links, message board and info. Solid site.
The Light House
This wonderful Homepage honors Jesus in many diverse areas, with humor right into the most serious, Testimonies and information to live by, excellent place.
The Country Parson
From a little village in California comes the timeless and much larger truths of the Word of God. New Site with a great start.
Lighthouse Ministries
A Husband and Wife duo that shows the love of God in their Ministry. They touch on all aspects of Christian living, how to receive Salvation, and much more. A simple site with a simple message, Jesus saves.
The Absolute Truth
This is a neat reference site. There is great deal here to look at, educational, sections on Heaven & Hell, the books of the Bible, Trivia, News, jokes, Oh just take a look. :-)
-Official Top 15 Poll of Christian Bands-
Alternative Christian Music Site. Our Brother Patrick has a heart moving Testimony and Salvation message he would like to share. Also plenty of links to your favorite Christian Bands.
The Mountain Retreat
An excellent Bible Study web site for the serious bible student. Contains articles and study materials for the Family of God.
Reformation Ministries
An online Ministry witnessing for Jesus with Music, Books, and Tracts. And a Musings corner with inspiring quotes. Also, reaching out to the Body of Christ.
Denman's Christian Cyberhome
A dear Sister who loves the Lord, and tells you about Jesus through poems and short stories. Quite a lovely site as well.
Spirit of The Eagle Ministries
Ministering to our Native American Indian Brothers and Sisters. Showing them the way to the true Great Spirit, Jesus Christ.
Center for Christian Youth
The goal of this site is to give Christian teens a home on the web. Here you will find updated sources of Christian teen information, music, new things, and most importantly, FUN!
Faithful Friends Nursing Home Ministry
an interdenominational, layman-based, Christian ministry serving the residents of nursing homes and the groups that visit them. Proclaiming Christ's name to the sick.
HeavenLeigh's HomePage
A personal web site that shows Christ's love through poems, touching stories, and more. A very pleasant place to visit.
Heavenly Myrrh From Mare
An anointed web site that tells the world about the suffering Servant Jesus Christ, through a very moving testimony, music, and Scripture.
S.E.E.K. Promotions
a Christian Ministry designed to promote and help new Christian artists as they develop and expand their creative arts in order to reach a lost and dying world for Christ.
Faith Hope & Love Online
An online Dating Service Ministry with a Christian perspective. You'll find your true love in Jesus, but you'll find your life long partner at Faith Hope & Love. Free Membership!
Alternative Christian Music-"Freeway 7"
Here is a young band from South Florida who's goal is to reach the youth of today with the love of God through their music.
Faith's Homepage
A very enjoyable site. A place to find the love of our Savior, and a resting place from your travels on the internet. Music, Devotions, and more.
Seek Ye the Lord!
A new place on the Web. You will find daily Devotions, Prayer, the way out of homosexuality, and a free gift; Jesus!

APRIL 1998:
Two young friends in collaboration, equals a new site that's worth seeing. There love for the Lord is quite evident.
Rene's Homepage
A personal site by a precious Brother in Holland. His testimony will lift your spirits, and encourage you to stay on fire for our dear Lord.
The Devil's Worse Nightmare!
A youth Ministry dedicated to snatching our young people out of the arms of the Devil, and leading them to Jesus for salvation.
Helene's Heartland Home
Here's a dear Sister with a love for our Lord, and not afraid to proclaim it. A home page worth viewing, over and over again.
Bro. Doug's Revival Fire Teaching
A very interesting site, with lots of information on Revival, Salvation, and much more
The Christ-Centered Mall
A one stop place on the Web where the Church and unsaved alike can go and be blessed. From banners to Salvation, you'll find it here.
R.N.'s 4 Jesus
A Nursing site with an emphasis on working in Jesus Name. Lots of links to the medical professions.
The House of O'brien
A Family with a great love for the Lord. Witnessing to the internet that there is a better way, and that way is love.
Rachel's Homepage
A personal Homepage with lots of different things to bless you with. Personal graphics, Poems, and much more.
The Lush Family Homepage
A close knit Family that puts God at the head of their lives. With a strong Salvation message throughout their entire site.
Vickie's Christian Homepage
A brand new Web Page. It might be small, but Jesus Anointing shows greatly here.
Wilson Family Home Page
A Families site that is quite pleasing to visit. Loads of personal info, Adoption Search Links, and touching Testimonies.
Tiger's Lair
Cute, is a good term for this new site on the web. But be careful, if you get out of line here, you might be clawed by a tiger, but Jesus is here to heal you.
Atlantis Station
An extremely interesting, and very well done Prophecy site that will keep you informed and busy for quite some time to come.
We Love God
A new website dedicated to telling others about the Lord. A Chatroom, Poetry, and Message board are offered.
Experience Our Lord
Solid Christian Website with Plan of Salvation, Poems, many other links and more..
Intercessory Link Ministry
A Prayer Closet Online....A place to input your prayer requests and be joined by others in agreement, neat idea!
Adam Lambert's Webpage
Lots of good Christian testimony and links are offered here, Some poetry too.
Face Man- Man of many Faces
Tim King is the man of many faces and he shows his love for Jesus Online at this new website.
A very interesting web site. I think the name speaks for itself. Strong Salvation message.
Make A Joyful Noise
f you like flowers, and you love Jesus, this is the place for you. Poems, short stories, and more flowers.
Bible Scripture Truths
Learn more about what the Bible says. This site will help you along. Many topics are discussed in these writings.
Flowchart for the book of Revelation
A rather in depth look into the book of Revelation. From chapter 1, to the amazing Conclusion. For the serious Bible students.
Bikers For Christ Motorcycle Ministry
A Christian Motorcycle Ministry who seeks to share the good news of Jesus Christ with all who will listen. with a special focus on those in outlaw motorcycle gangs.

We have separated the past listings for your browsing convenience. Please visit these wonderful sites. 

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