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Fight the Good Fight of Faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when
you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses
    1 Timothy 6:12 NIV 

Soldier of the Cross Winners
August - October 97

Pete's Underground Church
This is a must see site, for originality, humor, balance and you will be blessed! We are happy this is the first site this month.
Alpha and Omega Christian Web page
A good solid new site, simple and direct.
Salt Lake City Mission Web Site
This is a neat and different site with reports of the Mission outreach and heartbeat of Jesus for the lost and hurting. Also interesting sidetrips into "That Amazing Book" and "Am I really saved?" and "There's power in the Blood."
A teen e-zine by Christian teens but for ALL teens. A GREAT site with loads of good articles, poetry, information, music & music links, and more, more, more. Check it out.
The Sikorski Family
A family homepage with a page for every member, plus home school info and resources. Stop in and say hello.
Mama Bear's Den
There is quite a bit of stuff on this site, something for everyone, from home schooling, to Bible Quiz info, Music, Christian Clubs and even more, this site also has a new award to offer.
Ken Lewis' Cop Page
This is different, a policeman's homepage with a sense of humor, but it's also the same, because it's Christian. Good testimony, a bit to see. Also has an award to offer.
Mystic Sea
This site has a LOT on it. Take your time. There are many pages, many links, poetry, info, and more. Good looking too, and also has an award to offer.
A Christian Counselor
A much needed ministry in the body of Christ. This site offers answers to oft asked questions, like anxiety, hurts, peace with God, healing testimonies, about aging and more.
Servant for Jesus Christ
This site has a great deal to offer. There are many scriptural pages, all doors lead to salvation, Christian artwork and audio on every page. A real servant's page.
Free Christian Images
Quite simply, this is a site with Christian Clipart for home or webpage, take a look..
Help for the Desperate
This wonderful site will speak to those hearts who have been used, abused and refused. There is healing here, read Teri's testimony. Good resource links for help.
Christian Homepage with nice links, and evangelistic zeal, that's what it's all about.
Christians Helping Christians
A helping homepage with Christian resources and links.
Virtual Church
Subtitled: " God's Gypsy Christian Online Ministry, this is a new site, lots under construction, but what is finished is good, poetry, prayer requests, more to come.
A Christian Touch
Message board, Devotionals, poems. If you are a teacher, this is one place to visit, good resources, fun for students too. Others doors as well. A heart after God.
Testimony to a Loving Father
Visit Toni's homepage and read the testimonies, they testify to the power and grace found in Jesus. Links and family pages too.
Matt Phillip's Homepage
If you were to die today, where would you be headed?
Miracles Today
This is a new website; just getting started; focusing on testimony of God's miracles, come to give & get.
Michelle's Christian Music Home Page
This wonderful site has a lot more than music on it. Prayer, concert info, resources, fun, Bible Study also offers an award.
Servant of the Lord
A Christian Interactive Service: If you don't know what that means you must come here, it is FULL of links and resources to just about every Christian area. Rich site.
May all who Enter here be Blessed
Well, I know I was, and so will you, a look into the love of Yeshua the Messiah. Good testimony for all to see.
Emily's Homepage
Emily is getting started on the web but the site is a great start, pay her a visit.
Spirit of Truth Ministries
A page with music for the downloading, ministry for the receiving and Jesus for the Lord of your life.
His Sanctuary
A wonderful place with much thoughtful Spirit filled insight. Good for the soul.

Wysdom's Windows
A beautifully original graphics site with content as well as visuals, Also has an award to give.
Gospel Outreach Ministries Online
Many Christian resources are at this site, good testimony of deliverance in the light of Scripture, and more.
Alpha & Omega - The Beginning and the End
This site is owned by a minister of music and you can tell. A lot of good originally done music online but there is more for youths as well.
The Eagle's Nest
Lots of good resources, edifying Jesus, and also gives out an award.
Christian Surf Shop
Neat Idea, well done with many resources to check out, ride the wave.
Mellissa's Page
A Christian Teen produces a web page for Christian teens, or really for ANY teens. Her testimony is worth the visit.
Gene Brooks
Gene's name is at the title spot, but this site is full of Missionary news around the world and testimonies of what God is doing in all the Body of Christ
A Love Eternal
Words of encouragement to those who have lost loved ones, or are worried about death.
The Raven's Nest
A Graphically and spiritually rich website. There is at least one page on here for everyone, at least.
Jesus Christ is the Lord
Many links, testimonies, some music, a good witness on the web, lots to choose from.
L.I.F.E. with God
A Good Christian crossroads site, testimony links, Discussion roundtables, open to feedback, evangelism, unity. Also has an award offered.
Anita's Homepage
Wonderful witness of the power of God's forgiveness, and with Him in us, our forgiveness, a healing place.
Glorify the Lord
An interesting Concept, this homepage is a home, with all the rooms to meet the interests. A good witness on the web, also has an award to offer.
Lonestar 59's Homepage
A variety of links Christian, Ornithology, & gardening, other things too.
God's Servant
Personal Webpage, Christian links, testimony and good scriptures.
Straight Paths Ministries
Straight Paths is a twelve-step program designed for both men who are seeking freedom from sexual addiction, and men who are struggling with same sex attraction issues. An Excellent resource ministry.
Christian Concepts for Living
A Unique place for up to date ministry. Has a neat scripture site on subjects of interest. Prayer requests received.
Homeschool Mom's Page
Just like it sounds, a homeschool mom's page, neat and helpful home school links, testimony, and other resources. Take a look.
Simplicity-Step by Step
Interesting outlook on ways we can simplify our lives and fix our eyes on Jesus.
Barbara's Entourage: God, Family & Friends
Poetry, recipes, links, cards, photos, music, and much more to see. Has an award to offer. Uplifting.
Pattie's Porch
Testimonies, stories, lots of links for different things, including graphics, take a look. Has an award to offer.
CCC Ranch
Fun twist for interest, Has ministry, prayer, a few Bible links or Bibles on hand, Missions, his Dad's sermon notes.
Kathy's Place
All kinds of interests met here, from her hummingbird page to Salvation, with Chat, home schooling info, Aglo & more included.
Carl & Heather's Webpage
Musical Page, Original music, music links, photos and more.
Ryan Nielson's Homepage
Many Many youth ministry related items, including hundreds of game ideas, many links to youth oriented sites, good resource site.
Project Agape
Project Agape is a ministry utilizing the web to help fulfill the great commission, reaching out via the internet in many different ways. This ministry is different and unique in that they actively go outside the Christian web community to evangelize.
God's Glorious Gift
Family oriented fun pages, Scripture links for certain occasions and more, neat homepage.
Heddie's Place
A Homepage from Canada. With family, friends, Oswald Chambers, writings & links. Also her church site is included.
Standing In the Gap
Sections on Knowing God, 10 steps to God, Prayer requests, Praise reports, How to witness, Bibles and more!

Netman's Christian Topsites Page
A GREAT place to start submitting your sites URL on the web, and more! Worth the trip.
Scruffy's Place
A good example of a BOLD witness if you or anyone has ever struggled with abuse, there is ministry for you here.
A unique and wonderful place as you can tell by the title. Support even down to the links.
Christian Family Page
Is just what it says, ideal for home school families with helps and links,& more. check it out.
Peggie's Place
A really FUN place for the whole family, something for everyone, all of it good! More than I can mention here, just go.
Christian Bible Study & Chat Page
As title says; but also neat focus on Prayer, Arts, and a Christian Web Directory.
A wonderful graphical trip through the Word. free graphics pages. Great graphics, excellent for website builders.
Pat's School of Christian Living
Something for EVERYONE! More stuff than I can list but an uplifting site; a good place to take a coffee break with Pat.
Anointed Christian Links
Many, many good Christian Links, but also a lot of interesting things at Graham's Homepage site also free software links and more, must see to appreciate.
The Coastlander
A Christian Magazine; Loads of interesting things in here, with a Down-Under flavor, but even more; a Spirit-filled flavor!
Linda's Page
A Christian Family's Homepages. Wonderful and uplifting with much to see.
As For Me and My House
Another Christian Family's Homepages. Mixtures of Scriptures and Poetry.
The Sojourner
A Free Online Interactive Adventure: Get a bowl of popcorn, a favorite drink, and your kids, and take a trip...(re Pilgrim's Progress style)
Tigger's Home Page
Wonderful testimony of the restoring love of Jesus
Christian Living Magazine
Excellent Information magazine - a pleasant and enriching place to visit on the web.
Lighting the Darkness
A Graphically beautiful, mentally stimulating, spiritually POWERFUL site. The word of her testimony is overcoming.
Rick's FREE Christian Web Site Designing
A Blessing on the web to help others share their witness for Jesus on the internet. (Christian Web workers: Rick may also need some help.)
The ICT Christian Mega-site
A must see site, good web resource for Christian graphics, also has interesting story pages, links & Search sections.

We have separated the past listings for your browsing convenience. Please visit these wonderful sites. 

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