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Contending For Biblically Radical Holiness
Defenders Of The Faith: Defending Against Eternal Security, Once Saved Always Saved, Calvinism, And Other False Doctrines!
Contending For Biblically Radical Holiness
"Defenders Of The Faith"

Dedicated to God's Holy Word. Radically sold out to Jesus Christ.
Earnestly Contending for the Christian Faith!
Unashamedly defending Doctrinal truth and integrity!

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Defenders Of The Faith
was birthed on August 2001, out of love for the truth, and of love for God's Holy Word. Our mission is simple: To proclaim the true Gospel and Christian beliefs on the World Wide Web in Doctrinal truth and integrity. Our goal is to see our shield attached to all web pages made by Christians that hold to true Christian values, and sound Doctrinal teaching. To show who we are, and what we believe. 

The Internet is a wonderful and miraculous tool, and one will often stand in awe, and marvel at the sheer size of it when surfing through its almost endless material. Unfortunately, there is no complete and comprehensive index on Christian sites. So when you are out searching for other like minded Christians, you are often left frustrated, and on your own. But, nothing can be more fulfilling than finding brothers and sisters who share your beliefs, and the Internet represents a possibility of international Christian fellowship that is simply mind boggling, IF viewed wisely with God given discernment.

However, anyone who has surfed the Net has, we are sure, discovered the vast amount of counterfeit beliefs and Doctrines of deceit that pervades many of these so called "Christian Sites". One way to fight these heretical Doctrines of demons is through solidarity. Showing your visitors a simple graphic that lets them know you link yourself with others of true Godly beliefs and values.

The importance of a good Doctrinal foundation is pointed out in Jude 3,4:

Dear friends, although I was very eager to write to you about the salvation we share, I felt I had to write and urge you to contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to the saints.
For certain men whose condemnation was written about long ago have secretly slipped in among you. They are godless men, who change the grace of our God into a license for immorality and deny Jesus Christ our only Sovereign and Lord.

Have you allowed counterfeit beliefs to "secretly slip in?" If so, your foundation is standing dangerously unstable on shifting sand. You need to get back into the Word of God, and study! Understanding Doctrine will anchor you to a firm foundation found only in the Bible. Then when a counterfeit comes across your path, you'll be able to recognize it for what it is. The Bible has been, and will always remain our Master Blueprint for understanding what God wants of His dear children, the Christian Church!

For example, this license for immorality that is mentioned in Jude 3,4 is called the Eternal Security Doctrine, or "Once Saved Always Saved." We believe that innocent souls for whom Jesus died, should be warned of the dangers of this heretical teaching that will cause them to stumble through the counterfeit grace message. Out of fear of God and of love for the truth, people must be warned of this dangerous Doctrine.

But it is, of course, not only this one Doctrine alone that is causing countless thousands to stumble, but a myriad of others as well. Therefore, the importance of understanding Biblical Doctrine is paramount in a believers life. Without Scriptural understanding, the believer is like a ship on the Ocean without a rudder. He is tossed and turned by every wind of Doctrine. Eventually, he is made shipwreck on the sharp and dangerous rocks of counterfeit beliefs.

Hence, the reason for creating Defenders Of The Faith. We hope that it will become like a badge of honor to display on your site, signifying to your visitors that the Ministry or individual displaying the shield holds to the highest integrity, both in Doctrine and Holiness. Thus eliminating, or at least decreasing the worry of running into counterfeits and deceit.

Are you willing to take a stand for the truth that is found in God's Holy Word (The Bible)? Are you boldly proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ in true Doctrinal understanding and integrity? Then this shield is for you! We would be honored for you to display the Defenders Of The Faith shield on your site.

If you wish to apply for our shield, and agree to abide by the "Requirements for acceptance," all you need to do is fill out our Form Application . Then we will take a look as soon as possible to see if you meet the requirements. Each and every site submitted will be thoroughly evaluated before inclusion and listed with us. Please read the requirements below.

Requirements for Acceptance

1. The Webmaster of the presenting site must first read and agree with our Statement of Faith. If there is something you do not agree with, i.e. Rapture Timing, or other minor doctrinal points that do not affect the believers Salvation, the issue(s) may not necessarily be reason for rejection, and are debatable. However, points of Salvation are concrete!
2. The Site presented MUST BE CHRISTIAN. And this in the spirit of the whole word of God. If there is any question whether the site lines up with God's Word in the Holy Bible, it will not be accepted.
3. The site must be for the Lord Jesus Christ, not against this person or idea, not against that Christian faith, but edifying the body of Christ and drawing the lost with love, not hatred. (it is of course ok to be against sin, just not people, for we battle not against flesh and blood.
4. We will be looking for Statements Of Faith that are Bold and Doctrinally sound. In this, there must be no question what kind of site that is being presented to your visitors.
5. Also, we will be looking for links to other Christian sites. It is o.k. to have secular links, but not to anything that would be against the will of God, i.e. adult links, new age, occult, eternal security, etc.
6. We ask that if your site ever change in content or concept that you notify us for a reevaluation. If we ever check back to your site, which we do periodically, and find that it no longer meets the requirements it was accepted for, we will request removal of the "Defenders Of The Faith" shield to preserve Ministry and Doctrinal integrity.

We feel strongly that you must have a Salvation and Decision message on your site somewhere, and it be easily accessible to your visitors. In Matthew 28:19-20 the Lord Himself commands us to go and make disciples of all nations. As Christian believers, we are to fulfill the Great Commission. Tell them the "Good News" of what Jesus has, can, and will do for us. You and your web site may be the only "Jesus" they will ever see. So as a representative of our Lord, you have the means to save them. It's called preaching the word of God; The Gospel.

If and when you are accepted, you will be notified & will be given a URL to pick up your "Defenders Of The Faith" shield. Remember to save it to your hard drive. Please do not link directly to the graphics on our page. Then connect it with a link back to our page at: 

You will also be added to a list with other Brothers and Sisters who have dedicated themselves to the same values, Doctrinal integrity, and high moral standards that you yourselves espouse, and find in this cause. We hope that this list will  grow, and become a standard for safe Christian viewing on the Internet. Thank you, and may the Lord Jesus Christ bless you richly!

Please. Don't forget to tell others about us. Word of mouth is the best way to advance the Cause!

Note: Defenders Of The Faith reserves the right to refuse any and all applicants that we feel do not line up with our prescribed requirements, or for any or all reasons. Also, to have any site remove our graphic should we feel they have violated the terms they originally agreed upon when joining the Defenders Of The Faith! (In most cases, the individual will be contacted first to discuss the reason(s) for this action, and given a chance to explain why site conditions have changed since joining the Defenders Of The Faith!)

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God bless you for your willingness to stand for Doctrinal truth!

Defenders of the Faith Cause
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